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Mechanical Repair Estimate Outline 
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Mechanical Repair Test Sheet (Forms Folder)
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Estimate Guide & Shop Strategist (EGSS) Manual

Sample Page 1 is a "Page Number Estimate," detailing a specific mechanical repair estimate in written outline format: parts & labor to the left; instructions for the equations to the right. Notice the "notes." These let the estimator (service writer or mechanic) give an explanation as to why certain items are needed. Also, notice the "Competitive Estimate Procedure" (bottom portion of outline). This is where over-the-phone estimates can be given a competitive edge in order to get the "phone-shopper" into your shop, affording you the opportunity to sell other needed profitable repairs. The EGSS outlines the details of this effective strategy in the instructions manual. These estimate outlines are so thorough in their coverage, that a person with NO mechanical experience can make a professional and profitable estimate as long as they can read. 

Sample Page 2 is one of several forms contained in the EGSS manual package  called the the "Forms Folder," designed for the mechanics (technicians)  & service writers (estimators) to increase sales and reduce comebacks; and other forms (not shown) designed to protect the shop owner from litigation. See heading below; "There Are 5 Main Parts to The EGSS Manual." READ MORE

The Benefits: The mechanical repair estimate outlines have several benefits for a shop owner, namely enabling him to hire anyone (less salaried employee) to make estimates without constant assistance. This is particularly beneficial when setting up the marketing strategy outlined in the instruction manual for getting the phones to ring- that is, getting customers to call YOU for an estimate. Subsequently, with such a response, there will be a need for hiring more personnel to answer the phones and make estimates.  The outlines can prove to be a great assistance even to the most experienced mechanical repair service writers (estimators) as well. These estimates have been complied by a certified master mechanic with 40 years experience in the automotive mechanical repair business. The outlines cover 98% of the most requested automotive mechanical repair estimates and incorporated in them is a pricing strategy ("Competitive Estimate") for getting the phone-shopper into your shop and selling them profitable, needed repairs that are often overlooked. Neglecting certain repairs in conjunction with requested repairs can be a costly mistake that wind up in comebacks (rechecks). Following the outlines coupled with the marketing strategy virtually illuminates this problem. READ MORE

Manual Construction: The manual is constructed of a flexible heavy poly snap ring binder, which is virtually indestructible, and each page is protected by a glare-free sheet protector. All pages are in two colors (black & red) and are printed on extra heavy grade white paper stock for editing and erasing purposes. 

NOTE: While the EGSS manual is NOT a flat rate labor manual, it will work with all flat rate labor schedules (manual or computer type). It's purpose- among other things- is to guide you in generating more new customers, and making more accurate, profitable and consistent mechanical repair estimates (canned estimates). NOTE: See return policy info, click)

$19.95 + S&H

3-5 day shipping

$19.95 + S&H

3-5 day shipping

There Are 5 Main Parts to The EGSS Manual: 

The Instruction Book outlines how the system & marketing strategy works.
The Estimate Guide Index is an alphabetical index to the most frequently requested mechanical repairs: some are outlined within the index itself (Quick Reference Estimate); and others are referenced to a specific page number (Page Number Estimate). The latter is for the more extensive (more requested) estimates; the former for the less extensive (less requested) estimates. The EGSS manual covers 98% of the most requested mechanical repair estimates. When an estimate is requested, all one has to do is look up the repair in the index and follow the instructions on how to locate the flat rate time (in whatever flat rate schedule you use) and the parts needed for that specific repair (defined more in the instruction manual).
The Labor & Parts Reference Index (page 56) is a reference sheet that contains what you want to charge for labor per flat rate hour and parts for that of the In Shop & Competitive Estimates.
The Supplies Pricing Index (page 55) is an inventory pricing reference sheet which needs to be filled out (penciled in) according to what you stock and what you want to charge for those items for both In Shop & Competitive Estimates
The Forms Folder (page 57) contains mechanical repair testing procedure sheets & forms, some of which are specifically for the mechanics and the others for the shop's office file & service writers (estimators), designed to generate more profitable repairs, cut down on rechecks, and protect the shop owner from litigation and common problems that often arise. READ MORE


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