Much More Than A Mechanical Repair Estimate (Estimating) Guide

The EGSS manual is a proven marketing strategist, shop organizer & manager, service writer & mechanic communicating tool, inventory organizer, estimate training manual, auto repair manual, and recheck reducer. It will give you the capability to hire service writers/estimators with little or no mechanical experience and still get professional and profitable results.
How to reduce law suits & diagnostic misunderstandings through the implementation of disclaimer forms.
The simple system that will get your shop running more smoothly & profitably— without you having to be there all of the time.
The difference between shops that make money and those that make profit.
The secrets about the most common mistakes made in advertising and how to avoid them.
What it means to "secure the job" and prevent unpaid repaired vehicles from becoming abandoned at your shop.
The ultimate marketing strategy for getting the phone-shopper into your shop and selling profitable mechanical repairs.
How to reduce profit-eating rechecks due to improper repair procedures.
The solution to customers misdiagnosing their own problems and then wanting to hold you liable.
How to sell simple tests (some requiring no special tools or skills) that generate high-profit mechanical repairs. READ MORE  < click

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(NOT a flat rate guide but a how-to manual for professionals.

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Automotive mechanical repair estimating, marketing & managing how-to manual for professional shop owners & technicians

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