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The EGSS manual was developed by Anthony (Jerry) LaBella, a master certified automotive technician/shop owner who has been in the automotive repair business for over 40 years. He holds certifications with: ASE, MAC's (Mobile Air Conditioning Society), American Motors, Nissan Motor Co, LTD, Sun Electronic Automotive Testing, and Gerhardts Fuel Injection Testing. His hands-on experience also includes all phases of automotive mechanical repairs including automotive diesel & turbo charges and shop managing & marketing- having worked in various dealerships and independent repair shops facilities throughout the New Orleans, Louisiana, metropolitan area. Anthony LaBella's vast experience shines through in this how-to publication which took over ten years to develop- during which time the system was implemented and tested in a real working repair shop facility. Over that period of time, many revisions and refining took place before the product became a copywrite publication. No other publication to date is like this manual-- dealing with real issues that face shop owners and technicians in the ever complex automotive repair business. The manual's system and information is now being used by shops across the USA and other countries. Anthony LaBella makes his residence in Kenner, Louisiana, and at present still runs his successful automotive repair business LaBella's Auto Repair. In the past, he has served as president of the local Louisiana chapter of the Automotive Service Association (ASA).

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